About Us

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When consumers meet brands, communication happens. What becomes a major consideration in this meeting of brand and consumer is whether these “brand meetings” translate into tangible brand growth. Cardinal to the success of any brand communication effort, is the understanding that the process is an interactive two way that requires an all-inclusive process. The question today brand communications specialists must ask is not only “how can we reach our customers?” but a twin enquiry that includes the question “how can our customers reach us?”

Who We Are

At PIXYKORNER we recognise the need to develop an integrated marketing/brand communication framework that takes cognisance of the need to: “Evaluate the strategic roles of a variety of communications disciplines and combines all these disciplines: To provide clarity, consistency and maximum impact through the seamless integration of discrete messages”

Our Approach

This entails a process of thinking through every way the customer comes in contact with the brand in order to determine:

How position is communicated

The choice and importance of each communication vehicle and timing issues

The process also helps us in assigning responsibility to unify the client’s brand images and messages as they come through thousands of company activities

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